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For specialised GP based pregnancy care

Pregnancy is an exciting and transformative period marked by significant changes, necessitating the support of a trusted medical team to guide you through your individual journey to grow your family. At Southern Cross Medical Centre, we understand the unique and evolving needs of expectant mothers. Dr. Su Htwe and Dr. Srabonti Hazra have undertaken further postgraduate studies in pregnancy care to support women and their families through this time.

What is antenatal shared care?

Shared care refers to sharing your antenatal care with hospital doctors and midwives, and the same GP throughout your pregnancy and into your postpartum period. Dr. Su and Dr. Srabonti have been accredited by the Monash Health network to provide these specialised services.

This means you see one doctor but can choose to deliver at:

  • Casey Hospital
  • Dandenong Hospital
  • Sandringham Hospital
  • Monash Medical Centre in Clayton

Choosing shared care with our accredited GPs means entrusting your pregnancy to a team that understands your unique health history and can seamlessly adapt to the changes accompanying this phase of life.

Who is suitable for shared care?

Women who are at low risk of pregnancy complications are suitable for shared care; this includes:

  • generally healthy women with no significant medical history
  • BMI >17 and <35
  • no more than one past history of caesarean section

At your first pregnancy visit, our doctors will discuss if shared care is suitable for you.

What are the benefits of opting for shared care?

  • Continuity of care – by choosing shared care, you will see the same doctor and be able to build a trusting relationship where your GP can continue to see you in the community beyond just your pregnancy, but also into your postnatal period for both you and your baby.
  • Flexibility in booking – having the shared care option allows pregnant mothers to book after-hours and longer appointments if needed
  • Save time – fewer hospital visits overall as the majority of appointments will be with your own GP.

How do you make antenatal appointments, and what is the cost?

Please kindly let our friendly receptionists know you would like to see a doctor for pregnancy-related care, and they will assist you in booking an appropriate appointment.

The antenatal consultation fees by Dr. Su Htwe and Dr. Hazra are a $40 gap for all patients, regardless of standard or long appointments.